Reasons to Join

The Gateway Quality Physician Alliance helps prepare physician-members for the future of health care. Key benefits of joining our clinically integrated organization include:

  • Market Opportunity and Growth: GQPA partners have a significant opportunity to gain increased market share in the St. Louis area, improve reimbursement through the ability to collectively bargain, and distinguish themselves to payors in the marketplace as being early adopters of value-based care and clinical integration.
  • Industry Changes: Payors, patients and employers are driving the market to focus on value-based providers and health systems. Collectively, they are seeking the highest quality health care services at the lowest price, while satisfying the ever-increasing expectations of patients. GQPA members will stay abreast of industry state-of-the-art technology and best practices by gaining insights from payors and GQPA partners as well as from programs offered through the GQPA program office.
  • Evolving Technology: Through data integration and our analytics platform, GQPA partners will enable their providers and care managers to provide timely point-of-care service and the ability to identify patients most at risk of future high intensity/high cost services. Data integration will also allow physicians to gain insight on best practices across a broad spectrum of specialties and provider organizations.