The Gateway Quality Physician Alliance (GQPA) was legally incorporated in the State of Missouri in March 2014 with the mission of improving health care in the St. Louis metropolitan region. The founding partners of GQPA were SSM Health, Saint Louis University Hospital, SLUCare Physicians and several independent physicians. Through its design and incorporation, GQPA represents:

  1. A network of physicians willing to demonstrate a high degree of interdependence and cooperation
  2. A program of initiatives designed to control costs and ensure quality
  3. An infrastructure that supports physicians by allowing them to evaluate and modify practice patterns

GQPA is led by an eight member Board of Managers (BOM) with the ability to expand and incorporate new health system membership. The BOM has three subcommittees: the Executive Committee, the Quality Committee and the IT Committee.

Through its structure, GQPA will drive both clinical and financial change in the marketplace. It will provide the financial alignment and incentives needed to increase motivation to improve quality. GQPA providers will have more control over the care process, and will collaboratively learn best practices. At the cornerstone of these changes will be a robust information technology platform, powered by Optum One Risk Analytics.